Sunday, 6 November 2011

JD's Eye View 6th Nov 11

So the Pakistani cricketers were found guilty of conspiracy to corrupt and sentenced to ‘hard time’ in a nice cushy UK jail. The most shocking thing about this - as far as I can see - is the fact the whole jury couldn’t agree on their guilt or not. The players’ agent was caught, on film, boasting about his ability to fix matches. Seems pretty much cut and dry to me, it’s highly likely he wasn’t talking about broken Swan Vestas.
Former Pakistani captain Salman Butt was given a 30 month custodial sentence, when asked what he would do now that he cannot play cricket Butt responded by saying he would be true to his name, he’s going to be Wandsworth’s next pimp or as he likes to call himself Mohammed Amirs’ prison agent.
Of course the families of the three cheats are still protesting their innocence, with the classic quote of the week coming from Mohammad Amir’s mother ‘’ My son is innocent and he did the no ball at the asking of the captain ‘’. Clearly the English word ‘innocent’ translates into Urdu as ‘cheating, money grabbing bastard’.
This weekend also saw the worst motorway crash in many years. Sadly 7 people lost their lives travelling north near junction 25, even sadder still is the fact my ex girlfriend was on the southbound carriage at the time.  A guy from Wells saved a young child by taking her off her mother who was shouting ‘’ take my baby, take my baby ‘’ can’t help thinking that this is post-natal depression to the extreme.
Finally, on a lighter note, this week see’s Sir Alex Ferguson celebrate 25 years as manager of Man Utd. To honour the long serving Fergie the club have decided to rename a stand after him, although Scottish Cunt doesn’t have the same ring to it as The North Stand. Sir Alex is well known for his spats with players, most notable the hairdryer incident with David Beckham. Beckham stated what hurt him most was not the striking of the hairdryer but the fact it just missed Posh who was standing behind a mop at the time, something which Sir Alex and the rest of the dressing room failed to notice until Posh turned sideways.


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