Wednesday, 16 November 2011

JDs Eye View 16th November

Unemployment has risen again this month with reports suggesting that there are now 2.62 million people unemployed in the UK, 1.62 million of those questioned stated that they were still waiting to appear on Jeremy Kyle and earn the £50.00 fee for embarrassing their family before committing themselves to a life of actual work, the other 1 million just didn’t understand what was being asked of them. Not having a job is no joke though and many people are beginning to struggle, just ask the Queen or anyone in the Royal Family and they’ll agree, most of them haven’t done a days’ work since they finished a small job in a French tunnel on 31st Aug 1997.
This week also saw the return of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Outta Here, something my Ex was keen to enter but decided that after many years with me she’d had her fill of rats and snakes.
Producers have pulled out all the stops bagging themselves some quality A list Celebs, top stars such as Mark Wright, Antony Cotton and Dougie Poynter (no I’ve never heard of them either). Freddie Starr – one of the few ‘Celebs’ I’ve heard of - was brilliant in the first Bushtucker Trial. Wolfing down all manner delicacies such as; Fermented Egg, Rat’s Tail & Meal Worm Pate, Turkey testicles and Pigs Anus - but strangely no hamsters, just a normal Australian night out then. Having watched TOWIE a couple of times I thought eating Pigs’ Anus is something Mark Wright would have been accustomed to, as he’s reportedly dated worse, but alas the man who stated ‘’I will be coming back with food’’ choked and retched his way through with more than a little help from his adversary and eventually threw in the towel and threw up his chance of winning.
Also this week saw the funeral of boxing legend Joe Frazier. Frazier died on 7th November after battling a short term illness; true to his name he was cremated on 14th proving that he really was Smoking Joe. Joking aside boxing has lost one of its true greats and if only Amir Khan could follow him (by dying) then British boxing would be looking at sunnier times ahead.


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