Tuesday, 31 January 2012

JD's Eye View 31st Jan 2012

So deadline day is upon us, this can only mean 2 things depending on your sex. 
If you’re a man you will have booked the day off work and be glued to Sky Sports News for the duration of the day, locked yourself in your house and forgotten to pick the kids up from school.
If you’re a woman you will be despairing that your man isn’t paying you any attention and possibly be on the lookout for a new man that doesn’t know about football (these men are called gay).

Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp has been hitting the headlines this week as his Trial for tax evasion hits its 2nd week.
Squeaky clean Harry denies any wrong doing with regard to Her Majesty’s Customs and Excise, something which most of us are not willing to believe so readily. This is also the same Harry Redknapp that back in 2005 was definitely NOT returning to Portsmouth as manager, of course what he really meant was that he wasn’t returning to Portsmouth until he’d gotten his house down on Betfair.

John Terry is also in the news this week, shock of horrors he hasn’t been caught shagging another one of his team mate’s wives. No this year the England Captain has decided that monogamy is key so has chosen to be a racist instead. Terry is due in court on Wednesday charged with using racist language towards fellow ‘pro’ Anton Ferdinand. Many people have spoken out against the alleged charge against JT - although most where through Al Qaeda style videos, where the presenters were wearing white robes and hoods and spoke with an American Deep South accent.

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